Hello there and welcome to Baking with Bite!

We are two twenty-something year old girls with one goal in mind: Bake delicious food. And then blog about it because who doesn’t want to see picture of delicious looking desserts? With not a scrap of culinary training this task may seem daunting but who are we to deny a challenge? Sometimes we’ll follow a recipe and sometimes we may whip something out of our own heads. However, we do promise we will only post the best and top quality recipes on this blog. But we also assure you that there may be many a hilarious failures that show up every once in awhile too! And while we may not have any professional training we do like to believe we can bake some mean desserts. From an Italian family with a majority of boys our desserts never last long on the table. That has got to say something right? We like to believe so!

Oh, and the name? Baking with Bite. The only way to know if something is good is to taste it yourself! There is nothing like the first bite out of a freshly baked cupcake, dripping frosting, and warm crumbly insides…the first bite is the best bite.

So bake, bite, and enjoy!

Feel free to contact us at bakingwithbite@hotmail.com or post a comment below.

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