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Back at It

9 Sep

So, this blog is pretty random. I mean, we post about our experiments in the kitchen, some healthy living tips, and then some straight up random stuff pertaining to what’s happening in our lives. 

Yup. Like I said, pretty random. 

You know what else is random? My desire to bake cookies today. Picture this, it’s Monday afternoon and I am bored. It’s my day off work and school and I want to just chill out before another busy week begins. But then, I have this incredible, insuppressible urge. I have cookies on my mind and nothing can stop me. 

So, I quickly google the EASIEST oatmeal cookie recipe I can find (yes, I like my cookies but I like them at least somewhat healthy). Okay, butter, sugar, oats, walnuts, baking powder…etc. I can do this, I think to myself as I scan through the ingredient list. These are pretty basic ingredients. I open my fridge to begin the scavenger hunt. No butter. Damn, my family for being so health conscious! Right? I mean, we don’t have ANY butter. Naturally, I google, butter replacements. I can add a little twist on the recipe, I reason. 

What comes up? Applesauce, greek yogurt, date puree… Um, no thanks. I want my butter! I want my cookies to taste like cookies. I spend like thirty seconds contemplating scrapping the whole thing… But if you are anything like me you understand that when you crave something you CRAVE it. In a fury, I grab my shoes and my keys and head out the door. Off to the variety store I go! 

A couple minutes later I am back in my kitchen, a stick of butter in my hand and the magic ensues. 



I tweak the recipe ever so slightly to create a style of cookie that suits my taste. I swap sugar for maple syrup and add chopped walnuts and dark chocolate. The result? Obviously, deliciousness. 



Cookie craving officially satisfied 😀