Two of the Easiest Recipes you will EVER Make

19 Feb


It’s a fine mid-February day wouldn’t you say? I cannot believe that February is pretty much half way over! I know it is a short month but wow where did the time go?

Anyway, let’s get to the food. Denise and I have been busy in the kitchen lately. Stirring things up and just eating some real good food. Simplicity is often the motto in the kitchen. Today we bring you not one, but TWO ridiculously easy recipes. 

The first is a simple vegetable. 


Brussels Sprouts. Here’s how I LOVE to eat them:

1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil (warmed on the pan)

2 cups washed brussels sprouts

season with salt and cook until soft 

Can I just say that these are amazing. I love how the edges get all crispy from the coconut oil too. Denise is not the biggest fan of coconut oil and I imagine she’d sub in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) instead. Either way, I don’t know how brussels sprout got such a bad wrap among kids (the colour green?) but I am telling you I love ’em. 

Our next “adventure” (we’re wild) was making apple sauce. See, we were heading home for the reading week and had all these apples, like, a lot of apples (2 bags). So we needed to use them up so we could at least freeze them. Cue apple sauce making. 







I cringe at even calling this a “recipe” because all we did was peel, chop, and boil apples. Oh, and we added a bunch of cinnamon to it. No sugar, no salt, just some apples boiled in water with some cinnamon. The thing is it was great. I mean, we eat pretty simply to begin with so the processed apple sauce is far too sweet and sugary for my liking. You could add any toppings you like to make it your own. I am sure my roommate would like to add a sprinkle of sugar and some fruit. I like to just scoop it right into my oatmeal or have it with some yogurt. It really just offers a base to an endless amount of snack options. Using it for baking is another possibility. Whatever works!

Well, that is what we have been doing in the kitchen lately. I am sure Denise has some sandwich ideas floating around in her head 😉 

Until next time, 

Laura and Denise

Any simple recipes that you love?


2 Responses to “Two of the Easiest Recipes you will EVER Make”

  1. Nat @ The Apple Diaries February 22, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

    Thanks for the easy recipes! You’re right, I think I have a strange memory in my head of what brussels sprouts tasted like as a kid so I never really think to cook with them. I need to be more open minded 😉

    • bakingwithbite February 23, 2013 at 8:58 am #

      I definitely feel that way about cooked spinach. I don’t hate it anymore but I NEVER think to make it because I avoided it for so long as a kid. These things really do stick with you!

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