The Best

14 Jan

Oftentimes I ponder about coincidences. Are there such things? Or is everything carefully composed by the Universe? 



Sometimes I have to wonder. I mean how often do your socks match the paint? Especially, when its lime green. 

Sometimes, coincidences aren’t all the obvious, sometimes they just seem to happen, like when your mom and your nonna send you baked goods on Sunday.




Just because they happened to be baking (and they never bake). 

Or how about when you really wish you had a dog to walk and you parents walk in with this: 



(She’s just a friend’s dog, but still, the timing!)

I guess life just might be made up of a bunch of coincidences or maybe the Universe knows how to remind you of all its wonderful things. 

Either way, coincidences are meant to make you smile right? Because these ones sure made me. 

As we discussed in our last post about brightening this month up a little, and aside from plants, coincidences seemed to do that for us this weekend. Just leave it up to the big ol’ Universe to do its thing. 

Until next time, 

Denise and Laura 



One Response to “The Best”

  1. cakewhiz January 18, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    oh what a sweet doggie!
    i hear ya about coincidences… i actually like them 🙂

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