Say Hello to our Newest Rommate

7 Jan

Hi there.

It’s the first day back at school for Laura, while Denise is enjoys a nice break until the 14th. Either way it is officially January and we are experiencing all the side effects this month brings, such as renewed vigor for the new year while simultaneously experiencing January “blues” that are a direct result from post-vacation commitments, cold and icy weather, along with the sun setting before 5pm. However, we have decided that there are many ways that we can beat the mid-winter slump.

Such as introducing this new fella to our place:


His name is planty. (Our third roommate helped pick him out too–and she’s human).

Adding plants and flowers to a house or apartment seems to just brighten up the place doesn’t it? Of course, we would have loved to add a bunch of beautiful bright flowers, such as these:


or these:


Aren’t orchids beautiful? Too bad we have a horrible habit of killing them…

Anyway, this month our main focus is getting settled into our new class schedules but we also want to introduce some new habits that will make the long winter months seem less dark. We have been making an effort to get out more even if its cold and all we want to do is stay in and drink ridiculous amounts of warm tea. Also, introducing some nice plants into our space also brings some light and freshness, reminding us that summer is not so far away.

Yet, we think that there is some comfort to the winter months. It’s not all about the doom and gloom of January! It may get dark early but that means we don’t feel guilty for spending an evening with our noses in our books.

Well, hopefully we can keep planty alive! At least until the end of January…

Until next time,

Denise and Laura

Do you like decorating your place with plants in the winter? 


One Response to “Say Hello to our Newest Rommate”

  1. Jane January 8, 2013 at 12:35 pm #

    Pretty! I love having plants and flowers around too. I love orchids!! But I kill them too … so sad. I have this plant, no idea what it is, that I got for free this fall at our nursery (the plant buying kind). It has little yellow flowers that bloom in the morning, I love it!

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