Just a Thought

4 Jan

Hi there!

Today I thought I would share something that I recently read and thought was quite interesting to mull over. Yesterday on the website zenhabits, there was a post that discussed the idea of creating 12 personal rules to live by in order to live more of a guilt-free life. Although I really do not like following other people’s rules, I must admit, I do create a lot of rules for myself. Well, maybe not so much as strict rules but more like principles and habits I work to stick to and rarely stray from, such as my sleep patterns. Immediately upon reading I thought “yeah! I want to do that!”. However,  when I got to thinking about making a list of rules to live by, I thought rather then make rules for myself would it be more beneficial to break the rules I’ve made for myself?

That depends on what the rules are.

For example, some rules I live by include consistently going to bed before 11pm on week nights and most weekends and I would not want to break this rule. Why? Because I truly love the benefits of a good night’s sleep and for me that out ways whatever nightly activity that may keep me up. Yet, a “rule” I would want to break is my reluctance to try new places alone. For instance, I may chose a familiar restaurant over a new one just because I am more comfortable that way. So, the rule may be chose comfort over the unfamiliar. In this case, the benefit of breaking a “rule”, which is the rule that leads me to chose the familiar over then unknown, may inhibit me from experiencing new environments. Obviously, in certain cases it is good to feel comfortable but it becomes very easy to become too comfortable sometimes.

Why am I bringing this us? Well, I think it is important to make a list of rules that you want to break if you ever create a list of rules you want to live by in order to prevent becoming too rigid and in turn inflexible to life’s curveballs. I think it is incredibly important to have certain personal rules and morals though.

Why write about this? I think it makes for a good discussion and because it applies to this here blog. The blog is called “baking with bite” and yet we talk about more then just baking. When we cook we will blog about it but when we have something to say we may want to write about it. We do things a little unconventionally I guess ;). We also are not professional bakers in any way and cannot really offer any legitimate tips on baking but we can share our experiences with you, whether that be in life or in the kitchen.

What’s the point of this post then? There is no point. I just thought you should think about this idea 😀


Denise and Laura


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