A Very Green Lunch and Some Good Readin’

2 Jan


Let’s talk about the green stuff. We go through an unnatural amount of avocado and kale in a week. Our lunches sometimes look like this:


Basically a big ol’ plate of kale, which tastes awesome all the time. Our favourite way to make it is to saute kale, onions, and mushrooms in olive or coconut oil. As for the avocado, Denise likes hers as a dip with crackers best, whereas Laura likes it with a sprinkle of salt with crackers or straight up on eggs. Our nonnas both tend plentiful gardens in the summer and fall so we usually have bags of home grown kale in our freezer to last us awhile. Sadly though our stash of kale has drastically dwindled and we are now forced to go out and buy our kale. We certainly have a fond appreciation for homegrown vegetables. We also have a connection to rural areas and spent part of our childhood summers in this place:


Baby Denise and Laura! ūüėÄ We were always swimming around, swinging, or playing in the garden with our cousins as kids. We also don’t have any reason to post this photo other then the fact that we miss summer already lol.

On another note, for Christmas Laura received this book:


And promptly read the entire thing in one day. The book is by the famous blogger Jenna Weber, from the blog Eat, Live, Run (one of Laura’a favourite blogs). Her opinion? It was a great read, especially because it was a coming of age story that was incredibly¬†inspiring to read. Jenna writes about how she follows her heart rather then following what other people have to say, all while engaged in a¬†rigorous¬†culinary program. This is a good book for any young woman to read because life in our early twenties is not always so easy as we are trying to “find ourselves” and “figure stuff out” and this book reinforces the idea that we need to listen to our gut and take ¬†CHANCES. Sometimes we don’t have a clear reason as to why we must do something but we simply¬†feel¬†like we should. Jenna basically says “listen to that feeling!” with her story. It’s nice to read about someone else’s success story because it inspires our own. For those interested in culinary pursuits or even just a story of personal triumph,¬†White Jacket Required¬†is certainly worth checking out.

There has been lots of good reading going on this break. Denise is usually buried in her psychology textbooks so Christmas reading is always a treat for her. There is nothing like getting into a good fiction novel that does not require reading with a highlighter!

Well, that’s it for now!


Denise and Laura

Have you read any good books lately? 


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