Reflecting over Fresh Bread

28 Dec


Home baked bread is just one of those luxuries that we cannot get enough of. 


Which got us thinking a bit. How is it that making things from scratch has become an anomaly by today’s standards? As people become busier making quality food has drops on the general list of importance. Yet, it is something that is so important to our health and our sanity. This home baked bread contains only a tea spoon of sugar and a table spoon of salt. It is made with fresh herbs, not dried, and fresh ground parmesan cheese. It is soft, chewy, and delicious. Just like a home-baked chocolate chip cookie is in comparison to the conventional store bought brands. There really is no comparison though between fresh baked bread and store bought breads. Although, having freshly baked bread is a luxury for us. For most of the year we eat the store bought frozen variety, as it makes for simple sandwiches during our busy school days. Oftentimes, we do opt for the healthier multi-grain and sprouted versions but ultimately these simply do not compare to the warm bread produced from our bread maker. 



This is not a rant against the conventional brands but more of a reflection on how we value food production. Perhaps even just a few decades ago freshly baked bread was a staple and common in the majority of Canadian homes. Today, in our lives anyway, it has become a treat. More so, how we value these home baked goods reflect how we value the use of our time. Is it a waste to spend time baking and cooking for hours? Is it productive? Does it produce a valuable source of income? Is it pleasurable? These questions are important to ask ourselves because they reveal how we structure our time and what we value in our day to day lives. As well, we think it is important to spend time thinking about where get our foods and their quality. Eating junk and low quality or fast foods may be a reflection of how we view ourselves, how we value our body and our health. 

Anyway, New Year’s is just around the corner and soon we will be entering a new year so of course we are being a little more reflective. It is a time that calls for reflection and re-evaluation afterall. This year we hope to pay more attention to our food, where we buy our ingredients from (perhaps smaller businesses, local, organic), what we bake, and the impact our food choices have on the environment and ourselves. It should provide for some interesting conclusions.  

However, on another note. Laura’s mom picked up this treat from a local chocolate shop:



Rosemary chocolate is something we had never come across before but it was very good! Flavoured chocolate doesn’t spark our tastes too much but perhaps we should give it more of a chance. 

On another random note, it still looks like this outside:



Ah winter. Beautiful. 

What is your opinion on food production today? How do you value baking and cooking? Is it a priority or a luxury in your life? Is there anything you want to change this coming new year? Please share! 

Until next time,

Denise and Laura 


2 Responses to “Reflecting over Fresh Bread”

  1. Jane December 30, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Rosemary chocolate sounds sooo good! I’m with you … there is nothing like fresh baked bread. To me, baking (or cooking in general) is a way of life for me. I enjoy it, and I like knowing what is in my food and where it came from. But it really does show what we value and where we spend our time… yes, it does take more time, but it is totally worth it for me. Happy New Year!

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